The Environment and Us

Be nice! We are committed to operating in a climate-conscious manner and have implemented many concrete ecological measures to that end.

Be nice – This credo inspires all of our business activities. Environmental and climate protection play an essential role in our planning as we do our best to use resources responsibly. As a company, we aim to actively shape the future and promote sustainable development.

Conducting our business in a way that is ecologically responsible and climate-conscious is extremely important to us. A good indicator of our eco-friendly credentials is how we deal with the emissions we produce.

Avoiding and reducing CO₂ emissions

We’re looking into all options when it comes to minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment and climate. To that end, we have implemented extensive eco-friendly measures in recent years. Furthermore, we strive continuously to prevent greenhouse gas emissions in the first place while simultaneously reducing unavoidable CO2 emissions as much as possible.

The measures we have taken to protect our environment and the climate are beginning to bear fruit. Niceshops was the recipient of the Special Award for Integrated Sustainability by the globally active "Great Place to Work" institute in 2022.

A summary of our eco-friendly measures:

  • We cover 100% of our energy needs with green electricity.
  • Our in-house photovoltaic system produces more than half of our electricity needs.
  • Our logistics centre in Saaz meets the highest energy standards and is heated and cooled with waste heat produced by the neighbouring farm's biogas plant.
  • We currently use plastic-free, environmentally friendly and compostable shipping materials for more than 98 percent of our packages. We only use recyclable plastic film in a few cases (such as bulky items and pallet shipping) where there is no workable alternative yet.
  • Our innovative packaging materials can be reused for shipping and returns without adhesive tape - a patented solution that has received the Austrian State Prize for the Packaging Industry and the "WorldStar Global Packaging Award".
  • Our parcels are shipped using climate-neutral methods, especially in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in cooperation with our partners.
  • Our returns rate is only around three percent. We check and repair returned items wherever possible and recycle many of them.
  • Niceshops has an expanding fleet of electric cars and our colleagues have access to one of the largest company charging parks in the southeast Styrian region with more than 30 charging points.
  • Niceshops encourages and supports public transport options for employees. A “Mobi" Taskforce has been set up with that in mind and is dedicated to promoting climate-friendly mobility. It includes initiatives such as carpooling and bikes to make employees’ commutes as eco-friendly as possible.
  • We filter important resources and recycle materials by taking steps to carefully, cleanly and precisely sort the waste we produce.
  • Niceshops employees enjoy delicious, high-quality meals made with locally and regionally sourced ingredients and prepared in the in-house kitchen.
  • The spacious garden at our office premises in Saaz is designed to replicate nature. It is a great place for employees to take a break and relax whilst also offering a habitat for biodiversity.
  • Niceshops supports farmers in the Southeast Styria region who manage their arable land sustainably and bind CO₂ in the soil through increased humus buildup.

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