Iris Anti-Ageing Prebiotic by farfalla

Iris Anti-Ageing Prebiotic by farfalla

Natural face care products targeted towards menopause

As a woman, roughly speaking, you go through three phases in your life:

  • The first phase lasts from birth to the onset of puberty.
  • The second begins with the first menstrual cycle and ends with the last.
  • This is followed by the third phase of life, menopause.

However, this last phase is often not as eagerly anticipated as the second. It is usually only perceived as a loss when the self-perception as a woman begins to waver and everything is subject to change: the role as a mother, the external appearance and perhaps also professional tasks. It is a time of change in which new goals are defined, womanhood is reaccessed and a new rhythm of life is sought.

It is not only easy, but also very tempting to counteract the dwindling youth with hormone intake, lifting or cosmetic injections. For those women who choose the natural route, essential oils offer effective support: be it for balancing mood swings, hot flashes or a changing complexion.

Like a butterfly, our skin undergoes a metamorphosis every 30 days. But with age, this process slows down and the skin becomes drier with the decreasing estrogen level, loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear. In addition, the skin becomes thinner and increasingly prone to pigmentation spots. Fortunately, natural cosmetic active ingredients can stimulate the activity of the skin and thus alleviate the signs of aging. That is why farfalla uses essential oils, not only for sensual well-being, but also as deeply effective active ingredients in cosmetics. Four decades of experience in the field of aromatherapy form the basis to be able to use the active principle of selected essential oils for the regeneration cycle of the skin. Precious essential oils and cold-pressed organic plant oils are combined with hydrolates rich in active ingredients, natural cosmetic active ingredients, such as prebiotics and hyaluronic acid, thus ensuring regeneration, tightening and firming effects.

The skin flora is the protective shield for the health of the skin

The skin surface is colonised by countless bacteria and microbes - this is known as the skin flora or microbiome. They form a symbiosis on the skin and are essential for its health, protect against harmful microbes and environmental influences, strengthen the immune system and skin barrier, and improve the skin's moisture balance. This also counteracts skin aging.

The balance of the skin flora is promoted by natural prebiotic cosmetics by promoting the living conditions of useful skin bacteria and stimulating their activity, thus ensuring the desired anti-aging effect. This also protects the skin flora and keeps it in balance. At the same time, the peeling process is accelerated and thus ensures a more radiant complexion, while skin density is promoted.

Iris Anti-Aging Prebiotic Face Care Line for mature and very mature skin from menopause

Iris essential oil not only has an enchanting scent and intensive cleansing properties, but also offers effective anti-aging performance. It has a regenerative, cell-protecting effect and slows down the aging process of the skin. As a key ingredient, it ensures deeply effective regeneration of mature skin while the natural active ingredient complex with highly effective prebiotics provides the skin with intensive moisture and noticeably improves the skin structure, supports the mature skin flora, maintains its moisture and tightens the facial contours.