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"The World of Beauty belongs to you!" - Because great beauty comes from natural sources.

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    French brand LÉA NATURE SO BiO étic was founded as a response to the time when women began to increasingly question the wisdom of using conventional cosmetics. It was in 2007 that entrepreneur Charles Kloboukoff made it his mission to offer an excellent option in the form of natural cosmetics and thus more safety, peace of mind and satisfaction. Research, development and manufacturing at LÉA NATURE SO BiO étic are carried out according to strict ethical standards - with careful consideration for people, health as well as nature.


    This gave rise to a new type of cosmetic - a "cosm-ethic" made by humans with the help of nature to enhance the beauty of women.

    Furthermore, LÉA NATURE SO BiO étic gives preference to local suppliers and producers whenever possible, and also supports those in the certification process who desire to switch to organic cultivation or breeding - as in the case of the donkey farm in the region where the company is based.
    In the case of raw materials that cannot be produced regionally, the greatest emphasis is placed on fair trade. LÉA NATURE SO BiO étic endeavours to ensure that the suppliers, producers and the local population benefit from the trade in terms of social, economic and health.


    All products are:

    • ECOCERT- & Cosmébio-certified
    • in recyclable packaging
    • free from parabens, silicones & paraffin
    • free from synthetic fragrances & dyes